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model : SH0700
specification: 1-80mm X 500-2000mm
package: kraft paper, woven bag, film bag
characteristic: even thickness, thin side easy for joint, passed the test executed by Far East Resistance Test Center according to IMO <<International Fire Resistant Test Application Program Rules
Products List

SH0701 fire resistance rubber sheets
SH0701 fire resistance rubber sheets
model : SH0701
specific gravity: 1.6-1.8
tearing: 3.5Mpa
elongation: 250%
hardness: 75±5
oxygen index: >=28
characteristic: fire resistance, high oxygen index, applied to all kinds inflammable occasions, refrigerator and air conditioner
SH0702 damping rubber sheets
SH0702 damping rubber sheets
model : SH0702
specific gravity: 1.7
tearing: 2.0Mpa
elongation: 250%
hardness: 65±5
characteristic: sound & heat insulation, anti-shock. applied to air conditioner, refrigerator, freezer, autos, theater, dance hall and office
SH0703 anti cold & hot rubber sheets
SH0703 anti cold & hot rubber sheets
model : SH0703
specific gravity: 1.6
tearing: 3.5Mpa
elongation: 280%
hardness: 65±5
characteristic: good anti cold & hot performance, anti aging in the –60℃-150℃ environment, used for refrigerator car, freezer and pipe seals
SH0704 water proof rolling materials
SH0704 water proof rolling materials
model : SH0704
specific gravity: 1.5
tearing: 7.5Mpa
elongation: 480%
hardness: 60±5
characteristics: good water proof performance, used for building water proof, tunnel, ice road. This product can be cloth face, which is easy to stick
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