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Oil-resistant rubber sheets

model: SH0400
specification: 1-80mm X 500-2000mm
performance: work temperature-30℃-60℃, work in the oil media such as mechanic oil, diesel, gasoline and lubricating oil), sealing and anti swell;
application: punching all kinds of oil-resistant oil seals, sealing fittings, rings, greasy contacted work table, ground and electronic occasions.
specific gravity:1.5g/cm3
tearing force:3.5MPa
hardness: 65±5
package: internal film, outer woven bag
characteristic: design according to the needs of customers, won ministry quality product awards
Products List

SH0401 CR rubber sheets
SH0401 CR rubber sheets
model: SH0401
specific gravity: 1.5
tearing: 3.5Mpa
elongation: 280%
hardness: 70±5
characteristic: applied to electronic, thermo-aging occasions, used as oil resistance materials
SH0402 NBR rubber sheet
SH0402 NBR rubber sheet
model: SH0402
characteristic: oil resistance materials, used as the sealing of paint and oil pipe
SH0402C oil-resistant rubber sheets
SH0402C oil-resistant rubber sheets
model: SH0402C
specific gravity: 1.45
tearing: 5Mpa
elongation: 300%
hardness: 75±5
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