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Special rubber sheet list

SH0101A anti-tearing silicon rubber sheets
SH0101A anti-tearing silicon rubber sheets
Model: SH0101A
Specification: 1-50mm X 500-2000mm
Performance: high anti-tearing performance, good oil-resistant, high temperature resistance, anti-corrosion, aging proof, non poison & odor and good flexibility;
Application: applied in the oil media with low & high environment, punching oil seals, washer, seals with good sealing performance. It is applied in the fields of pharmaceutical, chemical and foods. It also used in the high stress environment.
specific gravity: 1.35
tearing force: 8Mpa
elongation: 300%
hardness: 65±5
package: plastic film bag
characteristic: good transparency, environmental protection
SH0101B silicon rubber sheets
SH0101B silicon rubber sheets
model: SH0101B
specification: 1-80mm X 500-2000mm
performance: high temperature resistance, max temperature reaches 200℃, good oil resistance performance
application: work in low & high temperature, oil media environment, punch oil seals, washer, sealers, applied in the fields of pharmaceuticals, chemicals and foods;
specific gravity: 1.25
tearing force: 6Mpa
elongation: 400%
hardness: 60±5
SH0102 fluorine rubber sheets
SH0102 fluorine rubber sheets
model: SH0102
specification: 2-80mm X 500-2000mm
performance: with better oil-resistant, fire resistant, high temperature bearing, anti-corrosion and anti-aging performance;
application: punching all kinds of products with the purpose of oil resistance, fire resistance and high temperature bearing, or ground pavement, tank lining of corrosive chemical products;
specific gravity: 2
tearing force: 8Mpa
elongation: 300%
hardness: 75±5
characteristic: super wide, super long, luster surface, win high-new tech. products awards.
SH0103 E.P.D.M. rubber sheets
SH0103 E.P.D.M. rubber sheets 
model: SH0103
specification: 1-80mm X 500-2000mm
performance: work temperature -30℃-150℃, with the performance of cold & hot resistance, anti-climate, anti-aging;
application: adapt to brake, bridge engineering, water proof for roof, rubber mat, seals;
specific gravity: 1.4
tearing: 5Mpa
elongation: 250%
hardness: 70
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