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Insulation, anti-static and conductive rubber sheet

SH0901 insulation rubber sheets
SH0901 insulation rubber sheets
model : SH0901
specification: 3-80mm X 500-2000mm
performance: work in the conductive environment, the max insulation voltage reaches 100000V
application: widely applied in transformation substation, power plant, distribution substation;
specific gravity: 1.6
tearing force: 5Mpa
elongation: 280%
hardness: 65±5
package: kraft paper, woven bag, film bag

SH0902 anti-static rubber sheets
SH0902 anti-static rubber sheets
model : SH0902
specification: 2-20mm X 500-2000mm
performance: strong flexibility, good electrode, eliminate static disturbance
application: widely applied to electronic, textile and printing & dyeing fields, volume specific resistance 104-108 .cm
specific gravity: 1.45
tearing: 6Mpa
elongation: 300%
hardness: 65±5
package: kraft paper, film, woven bag
characteristic: produced by drum type vulcanizer, good bright and luster

SH0903 conductive rubber sheets
SH0903 conductive rubber sheets
model: SH0903
specification: 1-80mm X 500-2000mm
good flexibility, conductive, volume specific resistance less than 1048 .cm
application: electronic and textile industry specific gravity: 1.4
tearing: 8Mpa
elongation: 350%
hardness: 60±5
package: kraft paper, film, woven bag.

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